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What I Can Do

I can help you with healing debilitating physical and emotional symptoms so you can finally make the progress you want in life


Finding the causes of symptoms

Subconscious thinking habits are often at the root of physical and emotional symptoms. They are often set off by life’s traumas and stresses.


Calming your nervous system

Negative subconscious thinking habits put our nervous systems on high alert, always looking for danger. This depletes energy levels and causes physical and emotional symptoms.


New positive mindset

Taking time to make new positive thinking habits gives your mind alternatives to its old negative thought patterns.


Making positive life changes

Putting together an effective self-care and ongoing healing plan, including boundary setting can help you move forward with confidence.

Relax and Flow

Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness

I work with health, social and education professionals, whose progress in life is blocked by debilitating physical and emotional symptoms which are difficult to get to the bottom of, making it hard for them to do the fulfilling work they feel passionate about. I help them to unravel the mental worries and heal their symptoms so they can finally make the progress they want in life.

Andrew Cheffings


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Frequently Asked Questions

I think it varies from person to person. For me, it is somewhere between being awake and being asleep. I am aware but no longer thinking about things very much or at all. Thoughts and images still come but they drift through without troubling me very much if at all.
For those having difficulty calming the mind or falling asleep, the trance state can be a bridge from a busy mind to a calm mind or into restful sleep. Careful planning before inducing the trance and reviewing after coming out of trance can enable us to use the trance as a calm space to gently consider new approaches to difficult situations in life.
The trance state is a natural one which we all go into and out of in our day to day lives. It is the state which allows us to concentrate single-pointedly on difficult and complex tasks. The therapist can help the client to utilise and develop their natural abilities of transitioning into and out of trance by trying a range of different focusing techniques. Coming out of trance occurs naturally, like waking from sleep but can be speeded up through other focusing techniques.
The number of sessions needed varies from person to person but the important thing to remember is that the therapist can teach the client to induce hypnotic trance for themselves and can work with the client on techniques for using the trance state to help with their own particular difficulties. Although a series of several sessions can be very beneficial, it is possible to get a lot of benefit and to be empowered to treat some of your own concerns yourself after just a few sessions.
Very often the causes of our worries and physical symptoms are buried in our subconscious minds and although it is relatively easy to try and ease them on a surface level, if the underlying causes are not released from the subconscious they can keep recurring, often in a variety of different ways which change through time.
Very often the words which we use to describe what we feel anxious about just scratch the surface of their true cause, rather than really get to the bottom of the deep seated negative thoughts hidden in our subconscious minds. We may temporarily reassure ourselves by sorting out the surface worries but very often our subconscious minds continue with their deeper level negativity, hidden beneath the surface. This ongoing, hidden negative thinking depletes our energy levels and means there is an ongoing hidden anxiety distracting us from the work we are trying to achieve.
It can take time to uncover and heal the hidden worries of our subconscious minds. Ongoing therapy can give the reassurance we need to help us to function better in our lives but until the hidden subconscious worries are healed, as soon as this reassurance ends, the symptoms are likely to return. I offer a series of short programmes of treatment at set prices to get you onto the healing pathway and start uncovering and healing your hidden stresses. Each programme ends with planning a self-care programme including learning techniques to continue the treatment in your own time. Once you are confident and know you are able to move forward independently, I offer an ongoing low level programme paid monthly or yearly which gives you the support you need from time to time to keep going with your healing until you feel fully confident to continue on your own and make the changes you have always wanted in your life.

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